Sports training plans to finally
tone your body.
lose weight.
build muscles.

Easily follow the training / nutrition plans of our professional coaches on your calendar wherever you are from your mobile or by printing them!

Training plan

Clear and easy-to-follow training plans

For any goal
With or without equipment
At home or at the gym
For any level
Precise instructions
Easily editable

Complete nutritional plans

For any goal
On multiple weeks
For any budget
Simple and detailed recipes
Adapted to your caloric needs
With a shopping list
Created by qualified coaches and dieticians

On your free member app

A customizable calendar to organize your workouts

Whether you follow one of our plans or one of yours, you will never miss anything! At a glance, you'll know what your next workouts and meals are.

A workout builder to create your own trainings

Choose from more than 300 exercises to create your own workouts and add them to your calendar.
You'll be able to see them on your phone when you train or even print and bring them everywhere!
Workout builder screen

Statistics to follow your progress and your performances

Our "statistics" section contains all you need to follow your progress: weight, body-mass index, waist circumference, pictures and more!
Statistics screen

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